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In 1975 in a school trip to Paris, I saw a street merchant who had a dog with a very pleasant face who was crouching in a deck chair staring at a colony of ants walking. At the time I spoke very little English and the French didn’t know it either, but somehow I made it clear, and I asked what breed the dog was.
The owner told me it was a Bull Terrier and then he told me his name. For me it was love at first sight I was young and I did not have the chance to keep a dog, but I'd promised myself that one day I would have bought one. When I was 30 I bought my first bull terrier miniatures after many years of racial studies after viewing many dog shows . That dog has filled me with joy and love my heart ......
So, for a joke , I participated in a dog show and I won (perhaps beginner's luck) I enrolled immediately to another one and ,after victory over victory, decided to buy another dog to make a couple. In a short time after careful choices I had 5 mini bull dogs and slowly I started to breed them trying to extrapolate what is my ideal of Mini Bull.
We have many dogs Italian and international champions Our dogs live in contact with us every day, are free and socialized with other dogs having an activity of consignments of animals since they are puppies In our breeding all dogs are tested and are not carriers of genetic overt racial diseases.We do not breed dogs for a trade without scruples, but only for passion and love of the breed. Our puppies before 3/4 months are not transferred if we aren’t sure of the well-being of our little MB I conclude by saying that a true lover of a specific breed , breeds only that and doesn’t take more races ….
Bull Terrier Miniatura Triple Nickel Mini Bull Terrier Kennel

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